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Advertising Digital Printing

Printing generally refers to outdoor advertising screen output, it outputs a large screen, such as a large number of highway billboard screen printing machine output is the result. Output models are: NRU SALSA 3200, 3200 color of God, etc., is generally the maximum width of 3.2 meters. Inkjet printers are generally used media advertising cloth (commonly known as the banner), use of oil-based ink ink, screen printing company in order to ensure the durability of the general picture color than the color on the monitor a little deeper. It is actually the output image resolution is generally only need 30 ~ 45DPI (printing requirements in accordance with contrast), the picture is the actual size is relatively large, there are hundreds of square meters of area. PHOTO generally refers to indoor use, it outputs the picture size generally only a few meters. If the exhibition manufacturers use small advertising screen. Output models such as: HP5000, general maximum width of 1.5 meters. Pictures of the media is generally PP paper, light film, ink, water-based ink used. Also in the output image is completed film, paper board considered finished, the output resolution can be achieved 300-1200DPI (different models have different), it is more saturated colors, clear




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