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Printer problems at work mainly in ink and nozzle

2013/7/22      view:
Large amount of ink inkjet printers in the use of a longer time, the ink on the nozzles and print the image has been affected. Nozzle wear that appears to work long hours with ink stains accumulation also affects the quality of the printed image. Therefore, the proper selection and ink nozzles properly maintained, is that each user in the use of inkjet printers should not be ignored.

Therefore, users should first make ink choices. Determines the quality of the ink print image quality, the service life of the nozzle can be determined. Inkjet printers and ink manufacturing is complex, regardless of the original ink, or compatible ink. As long as the quality can satisfy the requirements to be printed continuously. Thus, for many inkjet printers ink consumption, we can choose "inexpensive" non-original quality ink. The second is to do maintenance work equipment and nozzle. Most likely due to the nozzle print time is too long, the ink used improperly or left unused for a long time and clogging orifices. Of course, using poor quality ink can cause nozzle clogging and affect print quality, serious and even cause the entire nozzle scrapped. Although the manufacturing process fine nozzle, but its structure is not complicated. Direct contact with the print media on the discontent of many tiny flat hole, spray nozzle hole and insert the cartridge is connected to the spray from the nozzle orifice four weeks between holes and often stranded with strong adhesion toner or impurities, simply clear These toner and impurities, the nozzle can resume normal printing.

For a long time to stop using inkjet printers (such as the National Day holiday), it is best inkjet printers entire ink system with flush solution and placed to avoid nozzle clogging. Most seemingly scrapped nozzle, just spray holes are blocked and can not work, simply rinse able to recover its printing capabilities. For print properly, but the lack of stroke or color, or a high resolution image blurring this slight blockage, generally use inkjet printers comes orifice cleaning procedures can be resolved. Note, however, that, once discovered missing strokes or poor color and other minor clogged nozzle should be cleaned as soon as possible with a cleaning program. For printing process frequent charging ink, or cleaning the machine nozzle, but the print quality is still poor or badly clogged nozzle, the machine can not be filling ink or inkjet printers refuse to work hand-cleaning methods can only be used up. Manual cleaning methods is complex, but need to be demolished nozzle cleaning times and it is not too often. Manual cleaning method is to use a syringe and needle can be set in a rubber tube, cleaning fluid, about ten times the magnifying glass, hard plastic knives and other tools. Removing the nozzle, with a magnifying glass to find the orifice of a nozzle is blocked, then the cleaning solution with a syringe into the injection hole, if necessary, can scrape hard plastic knife edge orifice residue. Use care not to contaminate the electrode portion.