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MIMAKI photo machine maintenance manual _ inkjet printer technology

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MIMAKI photo machine maintenance manual _ inkjet printer technology
MIMAKI JV22JV22 maintenance manual
One , MIMAKI JV22 blocking ink disposal
1 , PUNCH process, gradually changing ink off : this ink off the ink sac and showerheads by invocation . Duanyou ink sac may be dirty , showers aging , this time cleaning the ink sac and showers, if not wash clean , need Gaiyi ( water-based ink sac and spray ice cleaning , it is best to use mineral water, especially the black and red , oily available acetone ) .
2 , playing suddenly broken ink drawing process , and the ink off serious , if playing solid underlay ordinary 5-10CM cut off very interested , this ink off more motivated by the ink , most Gaiyi ink .
Two , MIMAKI JV22 ink showerhead back on the stack larger sound disposal options
1, caping wipping flashing value is too small , the more points you can transfer large numbers .
2 , ink jet car in contact with the top of the stack of local dirty or corroded , cleaning after refueling solve .
3, cap base malposition shall debugging.
Third, there is a group of test strips not playing , but the ink can be washed down
1 , this phenomenon is possible for 20 # silk blown off , need Gaiyi .
2, the numerical investigation of showers and showerheads curb line string line board and the motherboard .
Fourth, play no test strip disposal options
1 , the decoder and the decoder of the dislocation , the decoder decodes bar and calibration.
2 , the test measured the TEST decoder to see if burned.
3 , 35 # power wire on the motherboard burned out, need Gaiyi motherboard power wires unstable period after the cable is to be destroyed numerical investigation of showers and showers curb panel 6 has three electrode tube is being breakdown, if three electrode tube is the breakdown , play chart, but chart hit in the 5-10CM, 20 # and blown Moreover, the heat sink temperature is higher.
Five , playing the test strip, a group of showers hit the disposal of several colors color :
1, the cable is damaged numerical investigation of showers
2 , whether the destruction swap showerheads investigation showerhead
Six , playing pictures and warp pattern are disposed of
1 , Gaiyi print line
2, the investigation of whether the decoding of droop
3 , Gaiyi decoding bar
Seven , playing figure drops of ink disposal process
1 , shower debris on the need to eliminate the net to make glue
2 , scraping the bottom of the plate and spray car too close , the value of debug wipping pos
Eight , red ink disposal options no less than
1 , pumping ink hose disconnect hoses need Gaiyi improper installation or pumping ink
2 , hose or pumping ink ink ink condensation inside the hose on the stack
3 , do not put away the sponge
4 , showerheads and consistent ink stack very bad , need to debug caping wipping flashing value
5 , showerheads appearance variant, need Gaiyi
6 , the ink stack variants need Gaiyi
Nine , spray car while walking process wipes children , while children do not rub the paper
1 , the paper did not put away
2, the fixed screws loose slider spray car
Ten , playing some kind of figure out the process of multi- color thin disposal options : swap showerheads investigation of whether the destruction of showers
October 1 , hit the edge with long spines Figure phenomena or while children with patterns , showerhead needs cleaning dirty bottom
Twelve , the panel without revealing disposal
1 , panel power light is not lit , after seizing the motherboard unplug the power cords to the motherboard to see whether the normal power supply fan rotation , if normal rotation mostly motherboard burned
2 , the panel has revealed it originally started working please wait when no exposure, this phenomenon is more for the Y-axis motor damage
3 , the motherboard without revealing , but the power light is always on, numerical investigation board CN21 line stagnation destroyed
4 , numerical investigation JV2 motherboard line of large capacitor is loose or burned out, Gaiyi motherboard
5 , seizing power board is burned
Thirteen , while children play normal color chart , while the children are not properly disposed of
1, the investigation of whether the decoding of droop
2 , swap ink sac
3, the first of
Fourteen , playing figure during a regular square disposal
1 , Gaiyi computer
2, the first of
Fifteen , the phenomenon of accumulated ink sponge disposal
1 , seizing sponge position is misplaced
2, the investigation of the ink on the stack hose blocked
Sixteen , machine reported missing ink disposal
1, the investigation of the sensor , the position of the sensor cartridge sub-
2, the numerical investigation of the sensor cable is damaged
Seventeen , the machine is not properly disposed at ERROR41
1, the investigation of whether the belt is too tight
2 , Y-axis motor Gaiyi
3 , belt hairy, fissures stuck Gaiyi belt
3 , belt hairy, fissures stuck Gaiyi belt

Eighteen , the machine is not properly disposed at ERROR40
1, the investigation of whether the destruction of the X-axis turbine
2 , Gaiyi X-axis motor
Nineteen , the machine at press ent key is incorrect disposal
1 , seizing the front cover sensor is loose
2 , whether the investigation showers return back to the car hit the jet level sensor
3, the investigation of whether the belt is too tight
4 , Y-axis motor Gaiyi
Twenty , MIMAKI JV22 inkjet printer machine reported ERROR20 incorrect disposal : Unplug the numerical collection plate , see if I can not play properly test strip , if , for the value of the collection plate destroyed ; no, then the motherboard damaged.
Two Oct. 1 , the machine reported ERROR50 incorrect disposal
1 , the paper put too right ,
2 , the paper too much openness in the material below the pad of paper or Gaiyi material
3, the paper sensor is bad Gaiyi paper sensor
4, the paper sensor acuity degrees too assertive whole # PARAMETERSYSTEM 10 = 50ELV figures
5, the paper sensor is dirty paper sensor wiping with ethanol
Twenty-two , MIMAKI JV22 inkjet printer machine reported ERROR 007 Temp n determination to abnormal temperature testing machine incorrect disposal
1, the machine version 16 or higher and will have a bad version of showers fell 16
2, the machine version showerhead above 16 fewer than six out of the bad showerhead Gaiyi still be less showerhead Zhaobu
Xxiii, machine reported Error 45 Caping wrong
1, Caping sensor dirty wiping with ethanol, suddenly Caping sensor
2, Caping sensors fall reinstall Caping sensor
3, Caping sensor is bad , if not hesitate one foot , with double-sided adhesive sensor on Gaiyi Caping
XXIV print screen with a twist
1 , the decoding of the dirty cleaning or a decoder or decoder decodes bar
2, the pictures have problems re- RIP Pictures
Twenty-five , MIMAKI JV22 inkjet printer machine reported Error 51 Y ORGIR wrong
Spray jet car sensor car sensor is dirty or bad Gaiyi or cleaning spray vehicle sensors
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