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The specific content of the military welfare

Military servicemen welfare in the prescribed wages, allowances, grants, subsidies other than by the State servicemen and military units to grasp the cost of living to take care of nature, for the collective and individual welfare benefits, a soldier material and cultural living conditions supplement section. Supreme Commander of the armed forces servicemen welfare institutions and leading authority in the form required by statute or regulation, including project scope, conditions, standards and payment methods. People's Liberation Army soldier welfare of main contents are: hardship relief fund, couple separated subsidies, subsidies for children's education authorities, child parents incentive fees (child care costs), conservation education allowance, retired cadres Honor Gold , transportation costs, special needs and fees, and a special approval of the special welfare expenses. In welfare spending, some items are over wages, monthly allowances to individuals, to take accountable management approach; Some projects are implemented according to the standard lump sum total lead management, cost overruns have not been replaced; Balance carried forward next year to use the original subjects, the implementation of standards management approach. Therefore, manage welfare, military personnel living in resolving the practical difficulties, SFOR, has important significance. Meter collar welfare standards, according to military officers, civilian staff and non-commissioned officers, scheduling of workers, sergeant, soldier, student supply system separate accounts according to supply power meter lead with living expenses. In addition, the headquarters of the major units led by staff welfare standards juice total 33% to 50% grant; pairs in Tibet, Xisha, Nansha Xinjiang border troops and the total welfare standard collar slightly higher than other forces.


Relief and standards according to the head count collar welfare, mainly for the cadres, soldiers, workers in preparing the difficulties of family life and relief grants can also be used for the sick and wounded military donors or post-discharge care subsidies. Relief Funds earmarked allowed misappropriation. Relief the difficulties of life, usually after I requested to be nominated or groups of institutions, the mass appraisal, branch through the audit committee, reported a considerable group a group or political authorities for approval, are not allowed personal decision. Number of excessive spending, and should be reported to party approval. Branch should be regularly (six months or three months) to understand and study cadres, soldiers, workers living in difficult situation, really difficult, and should be reported to superiors offered to provide relief or subsidies. Relief is difficult to grasp the principle of using much more grants, subsidies are fewer difficulties, it is often difficult to recurrent grant temporary difficulties temporary subsidies.

Couple separated subsidy

Couple separated subsidy is designed to encourage families to try not to army military cadres, the General Political Department, General Logistics Department decided from January 1986 onwards conditions that meet the families of the army on active duty army cadres and their families do not give preferential treatment, the establishment of both husband and wife Separated subsidy system. Payment conditions: First, the conditions that meet the army wife is agriculture accounts or, although urban hukou system but no fixed wage income regiment level cadres under; Second is the wife of a formal job at the local, mutatis mutandis, to the army garrison, adjustable placement conditions not to force the resident resettlement regiment level cadres under; Third, families or cf army army wife transferred troops are stationed conditions after resettlement cadres transferred to the border, islands and highlands difficult areas, their families or wife to rehouse these areas difficulties cadres. Couple separated at the standard monthly allowance with payroll. Both husband and wife are military or non-military husband, shall enjoy the couple separated subsidies.

Children's educational institutions allowance

Children's educational institution allowance is to solve various army units organized kindergartens, schools for children of parents in addition to charges for lack of funding subsidy costs. Children's educational institutions allowance divided into two parts, one part is used for the preparation of the kindergarten, your child's school has a staff of real, temporary and subject to the placement of staff salaries, the cost of subsidies to nature, which is part of the funding for some individual . The other part is for the purchase of teaching equipment, toys, office supplies, books, sports equipment, appliances, and the training of teachers as well as the cost of travel expenses to visit relatives, travel, etc., are part of public funds. Wages, subsidies financed by the nature of the major units and quotas based on the number of staff is indeed the beginning through the logistics supply channels allocated to the major units, by the cadres, finance department allocated opinions progressively allocated, shall not be withheld. Part by public funds from the headquarters of major units of cadres, workers in the garden, providing subsidies to the number of children in school; 15% of the major units can be left as a mobile; remaining at the park, the number of children in school, by the cadres of the finance department allocated Office Park Office units or nursery schools, schools for children, lump sum to use.

Conservation education subsidies for children

Children conservation education subsidy is to solve the military cadres' children who because of special circumstances not present problems in kindergarten troops in August 1990 to establish. Children conservation education subsidies distributed to officers, civilian cadres, workers in preparing the army or not people nursery children under 6 years old. But for violation of family planning and the children are not able to bounce back hair.

Child parents incentive fees

Child parents incentive fee is to implement the state policy on family planning, policy and the implementation of incentives, established in July 1979. Provisions of the existing one child couples of reproductive age, which means that as long as a child for life, to give a reward; monthly salary paid a certain amount with the health care costs, from the month to receive child certificate issued, sent to children 14 at the age till; deduction or offset any bounce back then.

Retired cadres Honor Gold

Retired cadres honor payment is based on the Seventh National People's Congress approved the second meeting of the Central Military Commission awarded the Merit Medal military retired cadres provisions starting in July 1988 to establish. Where the Red Star won a Merit Medal, two Red Star Merit Medal, Merit Medal and Victory independent Merit Medal, the monthly payments honor given by various criteria, with the retired cadres payroll.